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Great experience and know-how

Development of projects and construction of specialized equipment, driven by extensive experience and expertise.

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Production line organisation

Dedicated implementations for new plants. Reorganization, upgrade and improvement of already existing Production Lines with any required level of automation.

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Complete solutions

Integrated solutions for single or multiple tissue products. Combined Lines composed of independent stations and build with modular systems.



Packaging Machinery that standardizes the final appearance and highlights the product according to the needs of any specific market

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KAVAFAKIS MACHINERY S.A operates in the field of converting & packaging machinery, in the sales of consumables and in the service business for paper producers.

The company's main objective are:

  • To manufacture specialized machinery for paper mills offering its extensive experience and know how.
  • To organize automatic, semi-automatic or combined productions lines to existing or new paper converting units.
  • To propose complete solutions with equipment that cut toilet paper, industrial paper, kitchen towels, medical sheets e.t.c
  • To offer Packaging Equipment which standardize the final appearance of each of these products

All of our equipment operate with integrated electrical and pneumatic systems in cooperation with leading companies such as Siemens & Festo. This guarantees the quality, the technological supremacy and the realibility of KAVAFAKIS machinery.

Supports and performs immediate services and in this way ensuring continuous production without pauses and delays.

Desings, manufactures, supports and upgrades equipment and services with an excellently trained team of engineers and technicians.

Also imports consumables for the Electronic Log Saws series Mkd-II, representing the leading German supplier of consumables Fritz Ibach.

KAVAFAKIS equipment are distinguished for their modern specifications and excellent quality.


Kavafakis Company history dates back to the beginning of the previous century, early 1930’s, with the production, installation and maintenance of various machinery in the Greek market.
The tradition continues from generation to generation always aiming to fully meet the market needs of the given period.

The experience, expertise and university-level training of the owners and staff, as well as their desire for excellence, have been the key factors for the success that “KAVAFAKIS Co.” has achieved.

From 1989 and on, the company started specializing in the production of machinery for the processing and packaging of tissue paper products, offering also consumables and spare parts as well as service and after sales support to the converting companies in Greece.