Kavafakis Company history dates back to the beginning of the previous century, early 1930’s, with the production, installation and maintenance of various machinery in the Greek market.
The tradition continues from generation to generation always aiming to fully meet the market needs of the given period.
The experience, expertise and university-level training of the owners and staff, as well as their desire for excellence, have been the key factors for the success that “KAVAFAKIS S.A.” has achieved.

From 1989 and on, the company started specializing in the production of machinery for the processing and packaging of tissue paper products, offering also consumables and spare parts as well as service and after sales support to the converting companies in Greece.

The increasing demand for packaging machinery prompted the company to expand their building facilities in 1998, in order to accommodate the increase of the personnel and equipment. Since that time the company has aimed:

  • To propose total solutions with machinery that converts toilet paper, industrial roles, kitchen towels, paper napkins, medical sheets e. t. c
  • To organize automatic or semi-automatic production lines as well as combined – multiple production lines.


MIAC 2011 at Lucca - Italia
MIAC 2011 at Lucca - Italia
Syskeyasia 2014 at Athens - Greece
Syskeyasia 2014
at Athens - Greece
Tissue World Americas 2014 at Miami - USA
Tissue World Americas 2014
at Miami - USA


“KAVAFAKIS S.A.” remains within the list of the best manufacturers in the field due to its high quality after-sales support and provided services. Its customer’s satisfaction derives from the high quality of the offered equipment, as well as from the absolute technical expertise.

“KAVAFAKIS S.A.” maintenance programs are well organized, providing services to its customer’s throughout Greece and abroad. Part of these programs includes the upgrading of equipment, wherever it is feasible or necessary, using the latest available technology.

The machines by “KAVAFAKIS S.A.” are manufactured with material provided and developed in collaboration, with leading companies such as ITEM (aluminum systems and linear guides), FESTO (pneumatic systems), SIEMENS, TELEMECHANIQUE-SCHNEIDER and MATSUSHITA-FUJI (electronics). This guarantees the quality, the technological supremacy and the reliability of the machines produced.