A first analysis of the data surveyed regarding the status and the evolution of the tissue market gives rise to the following observations:


According to Tissue producers, nowadays the market tends to be more price-sensitive and more interested in the quality of purchased products. On the basis of this premise, the survey outlines a discerning consumer market, made up of people able to choose between products displayed on shelves, in line with their specific needs.


Tissue products are no longer considered as a unique product, able to satisfy a generic need. These products are now perceived according to different levels of satisfaction, on the basis of specific perceptions.


In conclusion, a discerning consumer market represents a market that can be influenced by appropriate levers on products.


Beyond the perceived quality, other interesting marketing levers are the aesthetic appeal and the differentiation on the market strictly connected to the packaging, important for product identification, in order to give evidence to the item between all other proposals. Another significant parameter of choice is the pack size. Indeed, it becomes a purchase selection criterion as well as many other aspects.


Therefore, the size of the product becomes a key factor in the choice according to the specific needs of each customer. The pack dimensions directly influence the value of purchase, both in terms of absolute and relative value (price per each item). For this reason, it represents a purchase parameter among the various categories of consumers.


Less emphasis is attributed to environmental and ecological aspects, considered less important by the survey respondents.


Based on these aspects, the producers of tissue products firmly believe that the evolution of process and control technology will increase the profitability of their companies. For this reason, they have high expectations from tissue machinery and systems manufacturers, which must provide their customers with high performance tools, in order to meet the market needs. Within this framework, the process of systems and machines purchase will not only be focused on the satisfaction of a defined quantity of items to be produced, but it will be more oriented to higher performance proposals. At this stage, it becomes relevant an appropriate approach to the quality/price ratio.


Source: http://www.tissueagora.com/Items/en-US/Survey/Default/survey-its-tissue